Memories Roll On

Memories Roll On

Peter Stubbs looks back at one of the club's old rollers.

I think I must have been 13 or 14 when this picture was taken which makes the year 1965 or 1966.

My dad, Walter, looked after the wicket on match days and while he swept the wicket and repainted the markings, I drove the roller.

It was very simple.

The lever by my left leg was forward and reverse gear.

There was no clutch as I recollect.

The small lever on the right side of the seat was the accelerator.

There was full press coverage of the Lancashire League in those days, and a Lancashire Evening Telegraph match reporter saw the opportunity for a human interest story.

A photographer came along on practice night the following week.

The picture shows me at the wheel with a couple of friends.

In the middle is Marshall Pickup and to the right is Trevor Whatmough.

Marshall was a playing member whilst Trevor was one of the scorers.

I had lots of fun down at the cricket field in those days helping out in the snack bar, drum boy in the old scorebox, but driving the roller was definitely the best.

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